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We now live in a linked world, thanks to the Internet of Things, a rapidly evolving technology (IoT). IoT refers to the integration of computers and internet connectivity into previously unconnected things such as refrigerators, thermostats, and even automobiles.

Ford refuses to fall behind in the technological race, which is why the FordPass app is now available to enhance your car experience. But what exactly is it, and how can it assist you? We have the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

ford pass app


ford pass app

ford pass app


What Are the FordPass App's Advantages?

The FordPass app is a smartphone application that you may download. It provides you with information about your car as well as additional controls such as remote starting and extra incentives such as FordPass Rewards.

While FordPass isn't required to drive your car, it may provide a lot of ease when doing things like recalling where you parked or even starting it while you're not in it.


What is SYNC Connect all about?

SYNC Connect provides extra internet access by incorporating a modem inside your vehicle. In other words, even if you're not at home, your vehicle contains an internet-ready modem. This is in addition to FordPass Connect allowing you to fully utilize the FordPass app's most sophisticated capabilities.


How can I obtain FordPass Rewards?

FordPass Rewards are points you may earn by purchasing Ford automobiles or having your vehicle repaired. These points can be exchanged for discounts, special deals, and incentives in the future. You only need to sign up for the program and you're in! To discover more about our new and enhanced loyalty program, click here.


Which Ford Models Support the FordPass App?


A SYNC Connect car is required to utilise FordPass. From 2017 forward, FordPass compatible cars include:

Ford Escape Titanium
Ford F-150 King Ranch/Platinum/Limited/Lariat Luxury/Raptor Luxury
Ford Fusion Platinum and Platinum Hybrid

If you own one of the above vehicles, you'll get the FordPass app as part of the package, along with SYNC Connect. If you request it and fit it into your budget, various trims within these models may allow you to add SYNC Connect and full FordPass app capabilities as an extra upgrade.


How Do I Remotely Unlock My Car?

If your FordPass Connect car is linked to your FordPass app, you may use it to access the app and unlock the vehicle remotely. You don't have to be near your vehicle for this to function, unlike other remote unlocking alternatives.

Is FordPass able to track my vehicle?
Your car will remember its parking location and indicate it on the app if it is equipped with SYNC Connect and is linked to a valid FordPass Connect account and FordPass app.


Is it necessary to pay for FordPass?

Installing the FordPass app on your phone is free in Canada. However, some of the extra features that make full use of the app, such as FordPass Connect modem services, will require a subscription.


How do I find and reserve parking with FordPass?

If they are marked on the FordPass App, participating cities and parking providers inside those cities allow you to search and reserve parking ahead of time.


With FordPass, how can I use scheduled starts for vehicle controls?

Yes. Consider the following scenario: you have a regular work schedule, it's winter, and you want to warm up your car before leaving. You may set your FordPass app to start your car at a specific time or remotely anytime you choose.


Is my vehicle equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, and if so, how can I connect to it?

Your vehicle may become a Wi-Fi hotspot if it is equipped with SYNC Connect, which allows you to use FordPass Connect services. You must have a current data plan that includes Ford car coverage.

If all of these requirements are satisfied, just swipe left on your touchscreen until you reach "Wi-Fi & Hotspot" and choose "Vehicle Hotspot," ensuring that Wi-Fi is enabled. You're now connected to the internet after entering your password.



ford pass app


ford pass app

ford pass app