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Lincoln MKT

Lincoln MKT | First Class, Three Rows Deep

Those in MKT's third row are not immune to its charms. Best-in-class legroom* provides the space your passengers desire, while a standard fixed glass Vista Roof™ allows a view that's far from ordinary. For cargo, the 50/50 split-bench seat folds flat into the floor. A PowerFold® third-row seat in the available Elite Package makes it even more effortless. If needed, the seat can even flip over to form a rear-facing tailgate seat. It's all here at Northway.
The seat cushions, head restraints and seat backs are made with soy foam, which has a lower environmental impact than petroleum-based foams. In addition, the soy-based materials deliver excellent performance and offer equivalent comfort and durability.
A new heated steering wheel is a welcome option for drivers who live in colder climates. This feature can raise the wheel rim's surface temperature from minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Farenheit) to 23°C (74°F) in five minutes. Available with ECOBOOST.