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Why you should buy an EV for winter driving in Canada

Why you should buy an EV for winter driving in Canada

Canada is known for its Winter; unless you are living on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver itself, the rest of Canada will receive its fair share of snow.

If you have dreamt of owning an EV but held off buying one because you didn’t know if the vehicle could survive these Winters, you are in luck.

Benefits of all-wheel drive and one-pedal driving

Most of the readers are probably too young to know this, but in the past, most vehicles were rear-wheel drive; this was great when you wanted to drag race, but in the Winter, not so much.

The rear wheels do not have much weight, so you end up slipping and sliding.

With front-wheel-drive cars, you have more weight over the tires, but you can still find yourself stuck in a snow drift.

However, anyone who has driven a 4x4 or vehicle with four-wheel drive can attest, it provides the best possible experience when dealing with Winter weather.

Since all four wheels are moving, one or more will catch, and you can reach your destination.

Most of the EVs, if not all in Canada, are all-wheel drive, so long as you have decent Winter tires and not all season, you will have no problems.

An added benefit of using an EV is the one-pedal driving; once you take your foot off the accelerator, the vehicle uses regenerative braking to charge the batteries while coasting.

Range Anxiety with electricity versus gasoline

We’ve all heard or experienced it in the Winter; you get into your frozen car, turn the key, and nothing, the battery is dead.

Most people figure that if the lead battery in my gas-powered car dies overnight, the same will happen to an EV.

There is a nugget of truth in the fact that cold will impact the amount of energy your EV batteries store; it is not cold but the heat that will actually damage your vehicle more over the long term.

Your EV has sophisticated software that will adjust the temperature, so the battery storage is optimized as much as possible.

Something that may surprise you is that gas-powered cars lose range in the Winter.

When the mercury drops below zero, it takes more energy for your car to reach operating temperature and just to push through the snow; all of these variables reduce the range of your vehicle by upwards of 15%, especially if you are using regular or mid-grade gas which contains ethanol.

Finding the EV that is right for you and your budget

Don’t believe the hype you see online; while Elon Musk may look cool talking with Joe Rogan, it does not mean his Tesla vehicles are the best of the best.

You should buy an EV from a well-established car manufacturer like Ford. Head over to your local Ford dealership today and start test driving their full line of EVs.

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