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What can you expect potential buyers to ask?

What can you expect potential buyers to ask?

You’re ready to sell your car and you want to make sure you are completely prepared for your potential buyers.


Here’s a list of questions buyers may (and probably should) ask.


Why are you selling?


Be honest about why you’re looking to sell your vehicle.  If it’s to upgrade or downgrade that’s fine, but if it’s because of a mechanical problem, the buyer will find out eventually so it’s best to be upfront.


Where did you buy the vehicle and how long have you owned it?


Potential buyers want to make sure they are purchasing a vehicle that’s actually owned by you.  They will want any information you can give them on the vehicle’s history will influence their offer.


What condition is the car in?  What features does it have?


Someone is trying to determine whether it will be worth their efforts to come and see the car in person, so again, its best to be honest.  Additional features could add value to your vehicle, so be sure to have a list handy so you can ensure you don’t miss anything.


Has the car been in any collisions?


Prior accident history is important.  A potential buyer doesn’t want to end up with a serious issue down the line because a repair wasn’t completed properly at the time of the incident.  If there was an accident but you have proof the repairs were all done properly, the buyer shouldn’t have any issues.



In Ontario it’s also required to have a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) for private vehicle sales.  Ensure you have this when you get your ownership paperwork together.  This is only necessary for private sales, not when selling or trading in to a dealership.


Hopefully this helps you when you’re getting ready to sell your car.  If you’ve read this far and have decided it’s not worth the hassle, get in touch with us and we can take care of everything.


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