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The 4 Ways To Sell a Car In Canada & Which Option Is Best

The 4 Ways To Sell a Car In Canada & Which Option Is Best

We obviously promote selling your car to a dealership on this blog because we want to buy your car. But that’s not the only way to make room for something new or make a little money.


In fact, there are four main ways to sell your car. As we prefer you to have all the information so you can make informed decisions, we’ll outline your options here.


Selling a Quality Used Car

Aside from scrapping your car, you have four main ways to dispose of it when you no longer want or need it.


You can:

  1. Sell the car privately
  2. Sell the car online
  3. Sell the car at auction
  4. Sell the car to a dealership


Sell the Car Privately

Most of us know what selling a car privately is. We write an ad, take some pictures and place the ad in a local newspaper, in a store window, on AutoTrader, Facebook or somewhere else.


Selling a car privately will usually get you the most money but also involves the most hassle.


You need to write the ad and make sure it’s 100% accurate. Take lots of pictures to showcase the car, advertise it somewhere, contend with lots of queries and questions, arrange inspections and manage test drives.


Sell the car Online

When we say sell the car online, we mean those online car-buying services that operate online. The ones you see advertised everywhere that will give you a valuation in minutes and cash for your car.


Online car buying services are convenient but rarely pay the price they originally quoted. Their business model is to quote fairly to hook you in and beat the quote down when they inspect the car.


Read reviews and feedback on these services, you probably won’t like what you see!


Sell the Car at Auction

Car auctions are also a viable way to sell your car. Trouble is, most car auctions are for trade and not the public. Trade doesn’t pay anywhere close to market rate because they need to recondition the car and make their profit.


Private buyers and sellers can often attend car auctions but you’ll be very lucky to show your car on the same day a private buyer happens to be there looking for what you’re selling.


A trade buyer will want trade prices, which isn’t anywhere near the market rate. You will sell the car if you need to though!


Sell the Car to a Dealership

Selling your car to a dealership is now the easiest way to dispose of your old car for decent money. It’s the next best thing after selling privately but with a lot less hassle.


We cannot quite meet the market rate but the prices we offer are much higher than before. Certainly higher than most car buying services and definitely higher than auction!


It’s also simple, safe and you get paid into your bank.


If you need cash or need to make space, sell your car to a dealership. It’s the new way to sell a car!


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