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4 Ways to see your Credit Report in Glen Abbey

4 Ways to see your Credit Report in Glen Abbey

Your credit score plays a pivotal role in any lending decision or credit application. It can also impact other areas of life too so requires a little looking after. If you’re planning to apply for an auto loan in the not-too distant future, checking your credit report could be useful. We asked our Glen Abbey auto loans team for the easiest ways to see your credit report so you can make sure you’re ready for the loan.


Ask the credit bureaus


As the credit bureaus are responsible for maintaining your credit report, it makes sense to ask them for a copy of it.


You’re entitled to one free credit report per year, per credit bureau. Canada has two bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax. Both work slightly differently so we would recommend getting a copy from both if you’re planning a loan to make sure everything is in place.


Contact TransUnion or Equifax directly for a copy.


Use a financial product


Some financial products provide access to your credit report as part of the service.


For example, some identity theft protection services, credit card security products, some banking products and loan protection products allow you to access a copy of your credit report whenever you like.


Companies like Credit Karma or Mogo offer full access to copies of your credit report as part of their services.


Credit counselling service


While you are unlikely to be using a credit counselling service while preparing for an auto loan, it is a way of accessing your credit report.


Counsellors can access your credit report as part of their remit and provide a copy to you upon request. While it’s unlikely to be an avenue you want to use while preparing for an auto loan, it is an option.


Auto loans company


Our Glen Abbey auto loans team can also access your credit report as part of our own services. Only with your permission of course.


Again, this is a less than ideal situation, as you would be much better off knowing what the report says long before you begin shopping for loans. However, it is an option so we should share that option here.


Of all these ways to see your credit report, getting a free copy from the credit bureaus is the one most people use. If you use a financial service or product that offers free access, even better.


We wouldn’t recommend using such a service purely to access your credit report though. Under normal circumstances, you can check with one credit bureau every six months to keep an eye on things for free.


It’s only when applying for something major like an auto loan that you would check both. Otherwise, checking one and then the other 6 months later should be enough.


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