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Used Car Selling Strategies that Work like a Charm

Used Car Selling Strategies that Work like a Charm

The used car marketplace across Canada has gone through a dramatic shift from a buyer-centric to a seller-centric market.


Demand for used cars is at a feverish pitch and there is no slowdown on the horizon. This demand has pushed up prices and if you have a used car, you will be able to sell it for a tidy sum. So today we'll be showing you some used car selling strategies!


Things you need to put in place before selling your used car


The first of our used car selling strategies is you will need to do is download the used car sales kit issued by the Government, this kit is to help standardize the process for both private sellers and buyers. You cannot sell a used car privately without the kit, so get it now.


Do you have the legal right to sell the used car?


You may be the registered owner of the car, but if there are active liens from creditors that loaned you money to buy the car, this debt must be repaid before the ownership of the car can be transferred.


No prospective buyer will feel comfortable making an offer on a car that has an active lien, this is public information that can be found by doing a title search based on the VIN.


Getting your car ready


Once you have the paperwork to sell your car prepared, you will need to get your car ready by heading to the carwash. By cleaning your car inside and outside, the odds of a buyer seeing it and making an offer are higher than if the car was dirty.


The more photos you take, the better it will be for you and prospective buyers. It would be smart to have a video showing the interior and exterior of the car, this will give prospective buyers better insight into the quality of the car.


All of this effort at first may seem like a hassle but it shows buyers you are serious about selling your car.


Coming up with the right price for your used car


When setting the asking price for your used car, it helps to consider your location. If you live in an area where there is a large population, you will have more prospective buyers so you can ask for a higher price.


Only deal with local buyers


If there is one thing you can take away from this conversation, is that you should only deal with local buyers. Many scammers are hanging out online, the best way to avoid them is to only meet buyers in person.


The quickest way to sell your used car for fast cash


Since the used car market is very hot, you can sell your used car for quick cash. Reach out to your local car dealership and request an appraisal. The dealership will perform the appraisal for free and make a cash offer for your car, if you accept their offer then you get paid on the spot.


If you want to sell your car fast or try your luck at doing it yourself, you now have the information needed to make the right decisions.


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