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5 Key Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

5 Key Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

Anyone thinking about selling a car in Ontario has a few important things they must bear in mind before moving forward with the sale.


We are going to cover these key things, so hang around to the end of the conversation.

Order the Official Used Car Sales Kit Today

Something you need to do right away is order the official used car sales kit.


This is the official kit that must be used by all private citizens who are buying or selling used cars privately.


Anyone who tries to sell a used car without this kit will have the transaction declined by the Government.


It costs $20 for the kit and comes in the mail, so you need to order it right away.


Is Your Vehicle in Showroom Condition?

While you are waiting for the sales kit to arrive in the mail, you should take this opportunity to get your car ready to sell.


Having your vehicle professionally detailed help make it stand out from other cars that are being advertised online. You could do the detailing yourself but spend a few dollars and let the professionals do it for you.


Other Documents Needed to Sell Your Car

Along with the official sales kit, there are some additional documents you will need to prepare before you can sell the used car.


Prospective buyers want to know if the vehicle was properly maintained; they are not going to take you at your word.


You will need to provide the service record of the vehicle. The service record will show all of the work that was done on the car up since the day you bought it.


If you are not able to provide a copy of this service record, prospective buyers will not be willing to pay top dollar for the vehicle.


However, you can contact the repair shop that performed the maintenance work on your vehicle and get copies of the receipts.


This legwork will help you get the most money possible for your used car when it comes time to sell it.


Selling Your Car on Social Media

This may sound counterintuitive, but you are going to be setting yourself up for disappointment.


The people who use social media go there for entertainment and not to actually buy a vehicle. You will get lowball offers, and the buyers still may not follow through, so do not waste your time.


Selling Your Car Without The Struggle

There is a much easier way to sell your used car for fast cash; you can do that by driving your used car to a local car dealership and selling it to them.


The dealership is constantly on the lookout for cars to add to their inventory.


When you bring your vehicle into the dealership, they are going to appraise the car to determine its current fair market value and then make an all-cash offer.


This is the easiest way to sell your used car for fast cash, so why not head on over to the dealership now and avoid the hassles that come with trying to sell the used car yourself.



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