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The easiest way to sell your used car in Ontario

The easiest way to sell your used car in Ontario

We have done all of the heavy lifting, and come up with the easiest way to sell your used car in Ontario. While this conversation is focused on Ontario, it will work throughout Canada.

The insatiable demand for used cars

There is an insatiable demand for used cars in Canada and around the world. Prior to the pandemic, some used cars would sit idle for weeks or months without getting a single offer but those days are long gone.

How to make your used car stand out

The demand for used cars is quite high, however, you are still competing with all of the other cars being sold. You will need to make your vehicle stand out if you want to get the largest number of competitive offers for the car.

Start by writing a detailed description of your car, the more information you put in the description, the less time you will spend answering the same question from potential buyers.

Try using bullet points to make things easier to read for buyers. Also, make a video of the vehicle covering both the interior, exterior, and engine running. This may seem like a hassle now but it will save you work in the future.

Preparing the documents to sell your used car

There is a package you can download from Service Ontario, that covers the steps a first-time used car seller should follow.

Do you have the legal right to sell the car? It sounds like a strange question, Afterall, it is your car. But if the loan for the car has not been repaid, the lender must first be paid before you can move forward with selling the car.

When you first bought the car, the lender had you sign documents that created a lien on the vehicle. This lien prevents anyone from registering the car in their name until the loan has been repaid. If the loan has been repaid but you can’t find the letter sent from the lender, you can ask the lender to mail you another one.

Being truthful about the condition of the car

You are not a mechanic so you may not know all of the details of the car. But you should point out any known issues with the car, was it involved in an accident? Was the vehicle part of a recall where critical parts of the car were replaced like the engine?

There is no law that says you must disclose these items but it is a good practice, you do not want to be known as someone who is shady.

As you can see, there is a considerable amount of work involved in trying to sell your car. What you could do, if pressed for time or just don’t want to go through all of the steps is head on down to your local car dealership.

The dealership would love to buy your car and can pay you on the spot. Prior to any offers being made, the dealership is going to do an appraisal and based on the condition of your car make a cash offer. This is a surefire, quick way to sell your car when you want money right away.

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