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The Canadian government has set a goal of developing a green economy by 2035.

The Canadian government has set a goal of developing a green economy by 2035.

To meet this objective, the government has set a target of having 100% zero-emission automobile and passenger truck sales by 2025.

The Government of Canada is working to reduce pollution in all areas of the economy, including transportation, which accounts for 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

The Canadian government has set a goal of having all new light-duty vehicles and passenger trucks on the market by 2035 to be emission-free. The plan also expedites Canada's transition to electric vehicles by speeding up the country's prior target of 100 percent purchases by 2040. Minister Alghabra, Environment and Climate Change Minister Wilkinson, and Canadian Heritage Minister Guilbeault made the announcement at a press conference on Parliament Hill.

The federal government has set a goal of achieving 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035 and is working to support the Canadian transition. In addition, it will create interim 2025 and 2030 target goals with its partners while also developing additional potential measures that may be required after Canada's light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emissions standards have been achieved.

Today's announcement also includes new incentives for purchasing zero-emission vehicles as part of the government's plan to help preserve the environment. Investments in charging infrastructure and collaborations with automobile manufacturers to develop zero-emission cars are two such examples. These methods will assist Canada in achieving its goal of having 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2050, as well as laying the groundwork for a net-zero emissions economy.

The Canadian and United States government are working together to create a plan that would be in line with the most demanding light-duty vehicle carbon emission standards in America. By supporting a productive North American automotive sector as it changes over to zero-emission vehicles, we are not only helping Canada reach its climate change targets but also giving workers from both countries an opportunity to financially benefit from this worldwide transformation.

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