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Steps for Selling a Car in Ontario with Ease

Steps for Selling a Car in Ontario with Ease

Anyone who is interested in selling a used car should move quickly, the used car market in Canada is still growing rapidly, but the global economy is facing significant challenges that could cause demand for used cars to drop without warning.


However, there are some easy-to-follow steps for selling a car in Ontario. We have put together that will help you make the most out of this unique opportunity.


What is your used car worth?


The answer to this question is it "depends" on a variety of different variables. Starting with the year and make of the vehicle, there are certain brands that are in higher demand than others.


The overall condition and location of your vehicle also impact the asking price. Location is of particular importance; if you live in Victoria, British Columbia, your asking price will be different than if you lived in Mississauga, Ontario.


The more people you have in a geographic location, the greater the number of potential buyers.


If you are not sure what is a good starting point, you can use AutoTrader.ca to get some insight into what other sellers are quoting for vehicles that are similar to yours.


Keep it in the middle while you may be tempted to price your car at the high end of the spectrum.


By using this pricing strategy, you should attract more potential buyers who will make a firm offer on the car.


How to increase the perceived value of your used car


New vehicles come with a sticker price, so the value is already expressed. With used cars, both buyer and seller need to "discuss" the elements that enhance the vehicle's value.


The following are just some ways you can demonstrate the value of your vehicle:


  • Was your vehicle adequately serviced at the manufacturer-recommended intervals, and do you have receipts as proof? Most modern cars will last a long time if they are properly maintained; if your vehicle was properly maintained and you have the documentation, then you can ask for more money.
  • Was the vehicle involved in a collision? Even if the collision was not your fault, if body work was done to the car, it will impact the value. You should always disclose this when communicating with buyers; if you try to hide this information, the buyer will find out when conducting a CarFax report.
  • Is your vehicle clean? It may sound like a simple question, but you would be amazed by the number of first-time used car sellers who don't clean their vehicle before putting it up for sale. By having the car washed, potential buyers will see the car "at its best," which should improve the curb appeal.


A much quicker and hassle-free way to sell your used car


There is a simple and quick way you can sell your used car and get paid right away. You could bring your used car to a local dealership and sell it to them.


It may sound counterintuitive, but the local dealerships are going to pay you cash for your used car because they need inventory.


You just need to decide if you want to do all the heavy lifting yourself or take the hassle-free approach and sell the used car to a local dealership.


If you want to avoid all steps for selling a car in Ontario, we’d love to take it off your hands! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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