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How you can Stay Safe when Selling a Car in Hamilton

How you can Stay Safe when Selling a Car in Hamilton

The used car market is quite active, and you can capitalize on this opportunity if you want to sell your car. These tips will help you navigate the used car marketplace and stay safe when selling a car in Hamilton. If you stick with us till the end of this conversation, you will come out on top.


Establishing the fair market value of your used car


Start by listing all of the cars in your province that matches the make, model, and overall condition. You cannot compare a vehicle with 100,000KM to a car with 10,000 KM on it.


You can find pricing information by looking on AutoTrader; there are filters that you can use to create a list of comparable vehicles.


The prices you see on these websites vary, so try to get 10-20 and then average them out. This approach will take the better part of an hour or two to complete, but it will help you narrow down your asking price.


Remember that your asking price is not the final price. You want to pick a number that is not too high, or it will scare off buyers but not so low that buyers will think there is something wrong with the vehicle.


How to make your advertisement stand out from everything else


One way to make your advertisement stand out is to pay for a premium spot. This is how platforms make money by selling sponsored advertising positions.


The drawback with that approach is you will need to pay upfront, and there is no guarantee that you are going to get any offers on your vehicle.


Also, you will be competing with other professional car sellers who have bottomless advertising budgets.


If you want your used car to stand out, your best option is to use the best possible quality images. If your smartphone is relatively new, you can use that to start taking photos of your used car.


While capturing these images, you can also make a video of the car driving. Photos are great, but there is nothing quite like seeing the vehicle in motion to truly make buyers want to purchase the car.


Avoid this to Stay Safe when Selling your Car in Hamilton


When you start receiving offers for the car, do not deal with buyers that you cannot meet in person. Covid has created issues with social distancing, but that should not prevent you from meeting with the seller in person.


By meeting the buyer face-to-face, the risk of being cheated is greatly reduced.


Shortcuts to selling your used car quickly


There is a shortcut you can use when trying to sell your used car quickly; you can bring your vehicle down to a nearby dealership. The dealership will appraise the car and let you know its worth.


After the dealership has calculated what the vehicle is worth, they will make an offer, and if you accept it, you get paid.


This is the most risk-free way you can sell a used car anywhere in Canada; just remember you will not be able to get the full asking price because the dealership is going to resell the car and needs to make a profit.


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