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Tips for Selling your Car to a Dealership in Hagersville

Tips for Selling your Car to a Dealership in Hagersville

Avoid the risks of private car sales and save yourself the hassle by selling your car to our dealership instead. You’ll get a better price, a more enjoyable experience and get paid directly into your bank!


If you are planning on selling your car to a dealership, here are a few tips to help with the sale.


View your car as a buyer would


Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer or appraiser when checking your car. Don’t view it as the person who has loved and cared for it over the years as that clouds your judgement.


You need to look at the car as an appraiser would so you can see areas that need attention before they do.


Give the car a good clean


We will buy dirty cars but we don’t offer top dollar for them. You will stand a much better chance of making the sale and getting a good price if you clean the car inside and out.


Give the car a deep clean inside, remove trash, wipe down all surfaces, vacuum the seats and carpets and make it look as good as you can.


Give the outside a good clean too. Clean it as much as possible, clean the wheels and tires, clean any brightwork or trim and was it if you have the facility.


Then clean the engine bay. We’re not going concours here, but make sure the car looks as good as it possibly can.


Check perishable parts


While you’re in the engine bay, check all the pipes and plastics to make sure none are cracked or broken. Consider replacing them if you see damage.


Do the same for windshield wipers too. Then check all four tires for wear and damage. If any require attention, consider replacing the tire. It costs you money but will mean a higher price or higher chance of a sale.


Value your car accurately


One key challenge when buying cars is unrealistic valuations. Unless you can view your car dispassionately, you will have trouble accurately valuing your car.


Use Carfax, Kelley Blue Book, Auto Trader, eBay, Craigslist and anywhere else you know cars are sold. Make sure to compare the same make, model, trim, year and mileage for the most reliable valuation.


Remember, while dealerships can offer more than ever before, we won’t usually be able to reach market value. It costs us time and money to prepare the car for resale so we need to factor that into the price.


Bring your paperwork


To sell your car to a dealership, you’ll need the title, your license, service paperwork and receipts for maintenance or parts. Anything you have done to the car while you had it should have some paperwork to back it up.


While we will buy cars without a service history, they aren’t worth as much as we then have to put it through a full service so we can guarantee its reliability.


Bring whatever you can and we can take it from there.


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