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Sell Your Car in Woodstock

Sell Your Car in Woodstock


If you’re like us, you’ve been reading everything you can about the future of electric vehicles in Canada.  The government and all leading automakers have plans to stop production of internal combustion engine vehicles in the next couple of decades, so how can you get involved?

Right now, the cost of EVs can be a little intimidating.  Many of the models being announced for the next couple of years will be available with different trim packages to make them more affordable for everyone.

Production issues have led to delays, much like the delays in ICE vehicles being delivered since early 2020.  Which means that even if you might be ready to buy next year, you could have to wait on a list for delivery of your shiny new EV.  So, what can you do to get ready?

An option you may consider is to sell your current vehicle and save the money you’d been spending on it for your future EV.  Especially if you’re a two-vehicle household, you should consider if you can be without the second car for a year or two.

When you’ve sold your current car, put the proceeds into savings so you can get the EV of your dreams like a Ford F-150 Lightning or the as-yet unreleased Dodge eMuscle car.  You could also use the money you’re no longer spending on a gas-guzzler to install a charging station in your garage or driveway.  You’ll be able to charge your vehicle in no time.

Selling your car now has other benefits.  The used car market is still hot due to the aforementioned production shortages on new cars, so cars are selling for higher prices than ever before.  You’d be smart to get into the market now while it’s still at a high point.

Whatever your reason for selling your car, you can count on Northway Ford to give you a great offer and make the process smooth and quick.  When you’re ready to make that investment into an EV, we’ll be ready too.


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