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Before you Sell a Car in Waterford, think about this

Before you Sell a Car in Waterford, think about this

You may have heard that external factors are making it a great time to sell a car in Waterford. This is true but anyone who wants to cash in on the used car buying frenzy that is currently taking place should keep a few things in mind. We'll start by saying we think the best way to sell a car in Ontario in 2022 is with us at Northway Ford in Brantford. Used car prices have never been higher and we're offering higher prices than ever that'll surprise you. Get a free appraisal on your vehicles here.



Demand for used cars exceeds supply


The demand for used cars has not peaked and will continue to grow well into 2022. One of the reasons there is such a strong appetite for used cars is due to the microchip shortage.


Car manufacturers need microprocessors and without them, the total number of new cars that roll off the assembly line has been greatly reduced.


With such a dramatic reduction in the number of new cars available for sale, buyers are faced with a dilemma. Do you wait for the car you want which could take a few months or do you buy a used car right away?


It may be another year or two before car manufacturers can catch up with demand. The buyers of these used cars are not limited to just Canada, they are from all over the world.


How to reach your target audience


Your prospective buyers will use websites like AutoTrader and Kijiji, so you can sell a car in Waterford using those platforms. If you are thinking about paying an extra fee to have your listing prominently advertised, you should reconsider. We are not knocking the platforms, they are effective but there many other professional sellers who are vying for the same spots you are trying to reach. Save your money, you cannot afford to spend money trying to compete with professional sellers.


How to make your advertisement really stand out


Try to imagine you are shopping for a used car, what are the things you want to see? You naturally want the vehicle to be detailed and in showroom condition, no one wants to buy a car that looks like it was pulled out of a mud bog.


Along with photos and videos of the car running, you would also like to see the mileage and find out if there are any liens. You might consider posting the VIN of the vehicle, but if you post the VIN, do not give out any personal information about yourself. Prospective car buyers like to use CarFax to check the VIN.


Proper way to price out your used car


The prices of used cars are very high, but you need to be careful when you are trying to establish your asking price. You naturally want to get the most money you can, but if your asking price is too high, you may not receive any serious offers.


How to sell a Used Car in Waterford in a hurry


Selling to a Dealership is the best way to sell your used car if you are in a hurry. You can bypass all of the hassles that come with selling a used car and just head over to a local car dealership. These dealerships are always interested in buying vehicles and can pay you cash on the spot if you accept their competitive offer.


Now that you know how to sell your used car, you should try to capitalize on this golden opportunity.


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