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Tips to Sell a Car Quickly in Ontario [2022]

Tips to Sell a Car Quickly in Ontario [2022]

Anyone in Canada who wants to sell a car quickly in Ontario has a great opportunity, but they will need to move quickly.


While the used car market in Canada and around the world is hot right now, it could change in a matter of days, so you should not wait any longer if you are serious about selling your used car.


How to calculate the fair market value of your used car


This step is important; if you select the wrong pricing point, then even if your advertisement and images look amazing, no one is going to make an offer.


The used car market is driven by market forces, so you need to determine what comparable vehicles have sold in the last 30 days.


To get the information, you can use resources like Kelly Blue Book.


When reviewing the variables, you also need to factor in your location. Where you live in Canada will impact your asking price.


If you live in an area where there is a large population like the GTA, then you can ask for a higher price than if you live in a rural area of Canada like Nanaimo, BC.


After you have determined your asking price, you can start preparing your advertisement.


Drafting an impressive used car advertisement


This is your chance to demonstrate your creativity by drafting a compelling used car advertisement.


You may feel tempted to write something long, but resist that urge; the buyers who are looking online will not spend much time reading advertisements.


You should keep things short and use bullet points wherever you can.


These small measures are going to help ensure your advertisement stands out.


Documents you will need when selling your used car


There are some documents you will need to prepare when selling your used car.


The most important if you are living in Ontario is the official used car sales kit; this kit is provided by the Ontario Government and costs twenty dollars.


Without this kit, you will not be able to move forward with the actual sale of your used car.


Another essential document is the lien release that proves your used car has been paid off in full.


Without the lien release, no prospective buyer is going to make a firm offer because they know how troublesome it is to buy a car with a lien on it.


How to quickly sell your used car


There is a simple way to quickly sell your used car, but most people are not aware of it or have given it serious consideration.


To sell your used car quickly, you simply bring it down to your neighborhood car dealership and sell it to them.


The dealership will make a cash offer for the used car after they have completed their appraisal.


This dealership approach has zero risk, and you get paid right away, which is awesome when you need fast cash or just don’t want to deal with the hassles that come with trying to sell a used car by yourself.


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