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When you Sell a Car in Ontario in 2022, Use these Tips

When you Sell a Car in Ontario in 2022, Use these Tips

The demand for used cars is climbing and is not showing any signs of slowing down. If you have a used car, you could turn your car into cold hard cash, especially if you stick with these professional tips. We'll start by saying we think the best way to sell a car in Ontario in 2022 is with us at Northway Ford in Brantford. Used car prices have never been higher and we're offering higher prices than ever that'll surprise you. Get a free appraisal on your vehicles here.


What is fueling the demand for used cars?


In order to fully appreciate this opportunity, we should spend a few moments discussing what is driving up this demand, in a word FOMO, there are reports about a shortage of computer chips that go in the production of new cars.


The number of new cars being produced annually has gone down, and will not recover for a few years. This means that anyone who wants a new car may not be able to get the vehicle they want or they are forced to wait.


Individuals who do not want to wait, are opting to buy used cars. What is making this situation even more challenging is the number of people who want to buy used cars is not limited to Ontario or even Canada, you are going up against buyers from all over the world! This is why it's such a good time to sell a car in Ontario in 2022.


Optimizing your used car advertisement


This global demand for used cars is wonderful news, but you should only deal with local buyers. Some people try to sell their used car on auction platforms like Copart and eBay.


That’s fine if you are a professional seller, but the fees associated with these platforms when you sell a car in Ontario in 2022 should be reason enough for you to steer clear.


You can use platforms like Auto Trader, which lets you put your car up for sale without any upfront cost. The platform will let you pay a fee to have your advertisement appear prominently in front of prospective buyers.


This fee seems like a good value proposition, but keep in mind, you are going up against professional used cars salespeople who have extensive advertising budgets.


Figuring out the fair market value of your used car


This is not a simple process, the value of used cars is influenced by variables like mileage and where in Canada you are located in relation to prospective buyers.


All of these variables play a role in your pricing formula. If you need a point of reference, Kijiji Autos is a good place to begin your preliminary research.


Where to sell your used car fast


If you are in a hurry and need to quickly sell a car in Ontario in 2022, the best place to find a qualified buyer, is right down the road from you. Your local car dealership will be happy to buy the car from you and sell you another vehicle if you need one.


These dealerships will be able to let you know what your car is really worth and will make a good faith offer, this offer is binding on the dealership if you accept it.


If you need quick cash or just want to avoid all of the headaches that come with selling a used car, then you really should go through a local dealership like us, you will have peace of mind and cash in hand.


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