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How to Sell a Car for More than it's Worth in Canada

How to Sell a Car for More than it's Worth in Canada

If you want to sell a car for more than it's worth, there has never been a better time. The used car market is experiencing explosive growth, which is great news for anyone wanting to sell their car.


What is fueling demand


There are a few contributing factors that are fueling demand for used cars.


Covid-19 has created a series of unique challenges for the automotive sector. Car manufacturers need microchips to build their cars; since there is a shortage of these raw materials, the carmakers are not able to produce enough cars to meet demand.


Demand for cars is growing; consumers put demand on the back burner for a few months during the peak of the pandemic.


However, this demand did not go away; it was only put on hold and has now returned to pre-pandemic levels.


Since car manufacturers are not able to keep up with demand, consumers are faced with two difficult choices.


They can wait a few months for a new car to be manufactured and delivered.


The average price of a new car has increased dramatically because of inflation, or they can buy a used car. Used car prices have climbed and are growing by the day.


Getting your car ready to sell


If you're wanting to sell a car for more than its worth you'll need to do some things to capitalize on this opportunity. The first is to have your car professionally detailed by experts.


This detailing will make your car look amazing, which should help you fetch a higher asking price.


While the car is being detailed, you will need to get your documents in order. First, do you have the service record of the vehicle?


This is a list of all the work that was performed on the car since you purchased it. This can range from oil changes, tire rotations, and everything else.


Having these service records, it will show prospective buyers that you are serious about your vehicle maintenance.


Are there any active loans still on your used car? You should not try to sell your used car if there is money still owed on it.


No serious buyers will want to deal with liens and outstanding debts on a used car, so make sure the car is paid in full before you try to sell it.


Finding the best place to sell your used car


There are many different platforms where you could put your car up for sale. These websites are great, but you will need to invest a fair amount of time and energy.


One of the easiest ways for you to sell your used car is by bringing it to your local car dealership.


The dealership is going to conduct an appraisal to determine what the vehicle is worth; after the appraisal, the dealership will present you with a no-obligation quote; you will get paid right away should you take the offer.


This is by far the quickest and easiest way to sell your used car, especially if you are in a hurry.


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