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How to Sell your Car for a Great Price in Guelph

How to Sell your Car for a Great Price in Guelph

Planning to sell your old car to our dealership? Planning to trade it in when you buy a new car? Join the many people who sell their car to Northway Ford Lincoln for a fair price and walk away happy!


To help with the process, our Guelph auto loans team came up with some top tips for how to sell your car for a great price at a dealership.


Fix it up


Spending a couple of hours and a few dollars fixing up your old car is an investment not a cost. Spend a little time fixing any dings, replacing tires or wipers, changing any broken bulbs and checking the basics makes a real difference.


Even if it doesn’t get you more money, the less work the dealership has to do to prepare the car for resale makes it more likely they’ll buy the car.


Give the car a clean


There are two good reasons to present your car clean and tidy. One, it’s difficult to accurately appraise the value of a car if it’s hidden under dirt. Two, it gives the impression the car hast been looked after. Dirty cars can give dealerships pause.


Clean the car inside and out and make it look as good as you can. Cleaning it can also identify areas that need a touch up or any dings that need attention before bringing it in.


Collect all your paperwork


You did keep all the receipts for any work you had done of the car, right? The service record needs its stamps but those records are computerized now but receipts for work carried out can all help tell the story of the car.


The more paperwork you have, the more complete your car’s story. Receipts showing regular oil changes and repairs means the car has been looked after. Again, it might not increase the car’s value but it may make the dealership more willing to buy it.


Be reasonable in your expectations


Ask a reasonable price for your old car and you might get it. Ask for an unrealistic price and you won’t.


Check the car’s value against others on the market. Check the same make, model and year and look at a few sources. Collate a ballpark figure for the car’s value and go with that.


Dealers are much more willing to work with people with realistic expectations and reasonable people stand a much higher chance of getting a deal.


Be prepared to make a deal or walk away


Negotiation is all part of buying and selling and it’s the same whatever and wherever you’re selling. Expect to negotiate, be reasonable and be fair. You’ll very likely have a sale on your hands if you do.


If you genuinely cannot meet in the middle or come up with a suitable figure, be prepared to walk away. Nobody wants you to walk away but you must be prepared to if you aren’t happy with the offer.


When you’re ready for a car lease or loan, get in touch with the Guelph auto loan experts at Northway Ford for great deals on auto finance.


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