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Tips to Sell your Car for Good Money in Brantford

Tips to Sell your Car for Good Money in Brantford

Any Canadian that want to sell their car for good money will need to have the right strategy.


There has been an explosion in the number of used cars that are being sold, but if you are not careful, you could end up getting less than fair market value or be ripped off entirely.


We are not trying to dissuade you from selling your used car, just using best practices to give you a better-than-average chance of success.


Do you know what your vehicle is worth?


You may have seen individuals sell their used car for a particular amount of money and figure you can get the same for your car.


While you may be right, there is a risk that your used car may be worth considerably more or less.


To calculate the value of your used car, you could look at AutoTrader for comparable vehicles. You cannot base your pricing strategy on one comparable; it would be advantageous to look for at least ten and preferably 20-30 comparable vehicles.


This will give you valuable insight into what the car is worth.


Making your vehicle stand out from all the others


When you have calculated what your used car is worth, the next thing is putting it up for sale on platforms like KiijiAutos.


When listing your used car, the description has to be concise but focus on the things that prospective buyers will be interested in.


Things that prospective buyer will focus on is the mileage, condition of the vehicle, and whether it was properly maintained.


You should also note whether your asking price is negotiable or not. When setting the asking price of your used car, try to pick a price that is the average; this approach should help you get multiple offers on the used car.


Something that you will also need is high-quality images of the vehicle, both the interior and exterior. Buyers are scanning a large number of listings, and these little things will help make your advertisement stand out.


Importance of keeping it local


You may get offers from buyers that are out of province or even out of the country, do not deal with them. While their offers may be tempting, there is a good chance you could be dealing with a scammer.


To mitigate the risk of being ripped off, insist on meeting with the buyer in person and only accept payment via local bank draft; if the buyer is legitimate, they should have no issues meeting these requests.


The easiest way to sell your used car for cash


There is a much faster and easier way to sell your used car for cash, but most people do not realize it.


You can bring your used car to a local dealership; the dealership is able to appraise your vehicle right away and let you know what it is worth.


After the appraisal has been completed, the dealership will make a firm offer to buy the car. You are under no obligation to accept the all-cash offer, but if you do, then you get paid right away.


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