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Why you Should Sell your Car to a Dealership in Rockton

Why you Should Sell your Car to a Dealership in Rockton

Want to sell your car? Wondering whether to sell it privately or sell it to a dealership? This post can help! Our Rockton auto loans team outlines the reasons to sell your car to a dealership.


There are three main ways to dispose of your old car in time for a new one. You can sell it privately, trade it in or sell to a dealership. As the latter two are largely the same, we’ll treat them as the same in this article.


Time or money?


The choice of where and how to sell your old car usually comes down to time or money. Do you have the time and energy to sell it privately and get more money or get slightly less money for less hassle?


In a private sale, you invest time and effort preparing the ad, taking pictures, answering queries, handling viewings and test drives. In return you get a little more money.


When you sell to a dealership, it’s fast, easy and painless with none of the hassle of selling privately. In return for that convenience, you get a little less money.


Reasons to sell your car to a dealership


Benefits of selling your car to a dealership include:


Faster and easier – Prepare the car, drive to the dealership, have the car inspected, accept the offer, get paid. There are no easier ways to sell a car nowadays.


Safer – While the risk with private sales is relatively low, it is still there. Sellers of premium, performance or exotic cars have to contend with test pilots as well as criminals. No such risk selling to a dealership.


Payment – Ensuring safe payment at a private car sale could take up several blog posts of their own. Dealerships will pay into your bank within minutes of signing the deal and you can’t get safer than that!


Higher prices than ever – While dealerships cannot afford to pay the same as a private sale, we can now pay more than ever before. We will still need to prepare the car, mechanically inspect it, make any repairs and get it ready to sell. All of which costs money but the price we pay is now higher than ever.


You don’t have to buy from us – We’ll buy your car regardless of whether you buy from us or not. Trade in is obviously an option but it isn’t a requirement. If you just want to sell us your old car, you can do so and we’ll pay cash into your bank.


Less worry – Not everyone worries about selling cars but if you’re one of them, selling to a dealership is a friendly, professional process. It’s done in the comfort of a dealership with professionals, with all the guarantees that come with dealing with professionals.


We think those benefits far outweigh any potential downsides and make a lot of sense if you want to sell your old car!


When you’re ready for a car lease or loan, get in touch with the Rockton auto loan experts at Northway Ford for great deals on auto finance.


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