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How to Sell a Car in Burford the Right Way

How to Sell a Car in Burford the Right Way

You’ve been reading about the shortage of used cars recently and have decided you want to sell a car in Burford.  You may think you can get a better price if you sell privately instead of to a dealership, but make sure you think about all the factors. 


While it is historically true that a private car sale yields a higher offer, right now dealerships are struggling to keep their lots full, which means they are willing to pay more for your quality used vehicle. 


Choosing to sell a car in Burford privately includes all the trappings that you wouldn't have if you sold to a dealer.  In Ontario you will need to purchase a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) to pass on to your buyer.  Ontario also requires you to present your buyer with a safety certificate when you transfer the ownership. 


You need to spend your time creating and posting an ad online and dealing with the responses (both serious and otherwise), or in a small town like Burford, lack of responses.   


You put your energy into taking the perfect photos and posting the most beautiful ad of your beloved car, and no one bites!  You’re heartbroken, not only for your wallet, but for your sweet ride as well. 


Let us at Northway Ford help you avoid the heartache.  Bring us your treasured car and we’ll return the favour by offering you the best price we can.  You can easily start the process online by putting in a few details about your car for a quick and accurate assessment. 


You know we’ll treat your car well and make sure it finds a new home with someone who will adore it as much as you once did.  And, if you’re ready, we can set you up with financing on a new vehicle to fall head over heels in love with Fill in the form below to get started. 


For any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here! 


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