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The Safest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario: Quick Guide

The Safest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario: Quick Guide

There has never been a better time to sell your used car in Ontario; the resale prices of used cars are tracking at historic highs.


While this is an excellent opportunity, there are some best practices you need to adopt in order to make the most of this opportunity.

Not All Cars Are Created Equal

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the type of car you want to sell.


There are certain models that are in higher demand than others. You will need to spend a little time doing some research to find out what similar vehicles are selling for throughout Ontario.


One effective way to determine what your used car is worth is by going to websites like CarFax.


These platforms will give you some real-world insight into what your vehicle is worth. You should use the prices listed on the websites as a guideline but not set in stone.


There are variables that will impact the value of your car; one of the biggest is the mileage.


If your vehicle has high mileage, you should lower your asking price to increase the odds of getting offers from potential buyers.


Getting the Right Documentation in Order

Since you are selling your used car in Ontario, there are some documents you will need to prepare.


The first document is the official used car sales kit that the Government of Ontario issues; it costs twenty dollars and will come to you by Canada Post.


Without this document, you cannot move forward with selling your used car, so do not try to bypass this requirement.


Since you will need to wait for the used car sales kit to come in the mail, this would be an ideal time for you to put together the service record of your used car.


This would contain receipts of everything you had done on the vehicle, from oil changes, tire alignments, etc.


Suppose you are not able to gather these documents. In that case, potential buyers may think the car is not well maintained and make a lowball offer. By getting these documents in place, you should be able to get a fair offer for your used car.


A Faster & Easier Way to Sell Your Used Vehicle in Ontario

We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you how to quickly and easily sell your used vehicle.


Take it to a dealership in your area and sell the car to them. The dealership will be happy to buy the car so they can resell it to another buyer.


The dealership will conduct an appraisal to determine what the car is worth and, based on that appraisal, provide you with a cash offer.


If you take their offer, you get paid right away without having to do any of the work that comes with trying to sell a used car on your own.


While the demand for used cars is high, it could drop without warning, so you should contact a local dealership right away.


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