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How to Safely Sell your Used Car Anywhere in Canada

How to Safely Sell your Used Car Anywhere in Canada

If you are thinking about selling your used car, there had frankly never been a better time in recent history. There has been a huge spike in demand for used cars not only here in Canada but around the entire world. This demand has prompted Canadians to try selling their car and that's why we want to show you how to safely sell your used car.


Working out what your car is worth


The first thing you will need to spend a little time doing is figuring out what your car is currently worth. You may have heard about people who got paid a substantial premium for their used car but we are going to try and find a balanced approach.


Some websites will let you find out what similar cars are being sold for in all parts of Canada, AutoTrader is a good example. Keep in mind that where you live in Canada has a material impact on what you can reasonably expect to get for your vehicle.


As a general rule, try to price your vehicle somewhere in the middle with what everyone else is quoting. If you quote too high, your car may not get any serious offers for quite some time even though there is a high demand for used cars.


If the price you are quoting is too low, prospective buyers will think there is something wrong with the car and try to haggle you down to an even lower price.



Places to avoid when selling a used car in Canada


If you're wanting to safely sell your used car, the first place may sound counter-intuitive but social media is going to be the last place you want to list your used car for sale.


You are probably thinking that social media is a great place, there are people always online and it is free. While it is free, the odds of you finding a serious buyer who is willing to pay the asking price you want are slim. The majority of people who are on social media are just “passing time” and not actively looking to buy cars.


Another drawback of using social media is the various scams being committed. Instead of subjecting yourself to the risks and hassles of trying to sell your car on social media, do yourself a favor and consider using alternative platforms like Kijiji.


There is a better way


There is a way where you can sell your used car and get paid cash right away plus avoid all of the headaches we just mentioned, sound too good to be true? Well, in this case, it is true.


You can bring your used car to a local dealership that will conduct a professional appraisal and let you know what your car is actually worth in today’s market. If you accept the offer made by the dealership, you will walk out with cash in hand right away.


While you will not get 100% of the current value of your car because the dealership needs a buffer to resell the car for a reasonable profit, you bypass all of the hassles and get paid today.


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