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How to Safely Sell your Car Stress Free in Canada

How to Safely Sell your Car Stress Free in Canada

If you are thinking about selling your car for some quick cash, there are many different ways you could go about it. You could go on Facebook and list it on the marketplace but we recommend you sell your car to a dealership as this is the most assured way to safely sell your car.


Risks of selling on social media


Social media gives us the ability to interact with people we would never meet in our normal day-to-day life. If you listed your car for sale, you may be inundated with inquiries but these “prospective buyers” typically are there to “kick tires” and make low ball offers.


Along with the lowball offers that you will get on social media, some scammers will copy your listing and use it to scam unsuspecting potential buyers.


The odds of getting a competitive offer for your car on social media are slim to none.


Using auction sites like Copart


There has been a dramatic spike in the number of online platforms like Copart which let you put your car up for auction. You could make a good profit from the sale or end up losing money!


You will need to pay a listing fee plus the auction site will take a percentage of whatever the car sells for, even if it is below the price you wanted.


Selling using Kijiji


This platform is great for selling used electronics and older electronics but you may want to reconsider before you spend any money for “sponsored car ads”. Your advertisement would have to compete with other dealerships that spend a lot of money daily to advertise their inventory.


Cutting to the chase


Instead of putting yourself through the ordeal of trying to sell a car yourself, you can turn to professionals and safely sell your car to a dealership.


Your local car dealership is in the business of buying and selling cars. They have the infrastructure in place to make the buying experience simple.


The dealership needs to generate a profit from the cars they are selling, remember the dealership is buying your car intending to resell it at a higher price.


There are a few things you can do to help increase the value of your car. Start by having it detailed and washed before bringing it to the dealership. You want to present the best possible image for the car, so keeping it nice and tidy will help.


Bring along all of the receipts from the service work you had performed on the car, even if it was simple oil changes. By showing the dealership the service record, it will make it easier for the dealership to resell the car because they know the full history of it.


An added benefit of selling your car to a local dealership is they can pay you the same day. Prior to the funds being wired to your bank account, you will need to provide proof that there are no liens on the car.


A lien simply means that you owe money to a lender and the car cannot be sold until the lien has been discharged. So long as the title to the car is clear you will have the cash in your account the same day.


If you heed our advice then you can sell your car quickly and use that cash as a down payment on a new car or something else.


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