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Quickest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario: Sell in Under 24 Hours

Quickest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario: Sell in Under 24 Hours

Are you looking for a the quickest way to sell your car? We will cover the key things you need to do to sell your vehicle at a competitive price while avoiding some of the major pitfalls that come with selling your used car.

Demand for Used Cars Has Never Been Higher

Why have you decided to sell your used car now? You are not alone if you are trying to cash in on the used car buying bonanza that has impacted used car prices throughout Canada.


Frankly speaking, there has never been a better time to sell a used car, but this does not mean you can let your guard down, letting your guard down could open you up for serious headaches down the road.


How to Price Out Your Used Car

You will need to determine the current price for your used car; resources like Kelly Blue Book can give you an idea of what similar cars are being sold for in your area.


While looking at the prices that are listed on these websites, go for the average price. By using an average pricing point, the hope is that you will receive multiple offers from a variety of potential buyers.


The more offers you receive, the greater the odds of starting a bidding way that will drive up the final price you receive for the used car.


Getting All of Your Paperwork in Order

To get the most cash possible for your used car, there is some important paperwork you must have available.


The first is the service record of the used car; prospective buyers need to know whether the vehicle was adequately maintained.


Most potential buyers will try and make a lowball offer without the service record, so get those documents ready ASAP.


Along with the service record, prospective buyers are going to request proof there are no active liens on the car.


You can prove that by supplying the lien release sent out by the lender who helped you finance the purchase of the car; if you don’t have the release, the buyer would need to spend money running a CARFAX, and most buyers won’t shell out cash.


You can always contact the lender and request a copy if you cannot find the original.


The Quickest Way to Sell Your Used Car

There is a much simpler and faster way to sell your used car; this is not some gimmick; you simply bring the used car to your local dealership and sell it to them.


This is an attractive option for anyone who does not want to go through the hassle of listing the car and dealing with potential customers.


By taking the car to a local dealership, they are getting rid of all the hassles and will get paid right away.


The dealership is always looking for vehicles to resell, and they will make a competitive offer on your used car; you just need to drive your car down to meet up with them today.



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