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Practical tips and strategies to follow when trying to sell a used car

Practical tips and strategies to follow when trying to sell a used car

We have put together some practical tips that you should follow when trying to sell a used car. There are no gimmicks involved, just good old-fashioned approaches that work.

Pandemic inspired buying and selling

The pandemic has impacted the used and new car markets. Used cars were once tough to sell but with the recent spike in demand, even cars that were considered junk a few years ago are now selling at all-time highs.

There are many different ways to market your car but you should keep an open mind and not rely on just one approach.

Posting your car online

The first and most common place that you could advertise your car is AutoTrader, it is very popular in Canada and can reach prospective buyers from across the country.

One of the challenges that are linked to AutoTrader and comparable sites is there is no vetting process for buyers, you could communicate with someone who seems like they are serious only to find out later they are just wasting your time.

Social media is another platform that people try to sell items on and it can be effective for certain things. The primary reason people use social media is to communicate but they are not necessarily actively shopping, if a person is “shopping” they typically go to websites like Amazon to shop and not social media, especially when looking for a used car.

Social media is also filled with scammers who use a variety of different tactics to try and cheat you.

One is they will send you a check in the mail to buy the car and then have someone go and pick up the car. You figure that since you got a check, everything is going smoothly only to find out 1-2 weeks later that the check was no good.

This is a common scam that happens on social media and does not only apply to cars but a host of other products. After the check bounces, you will need to sue the person in small claims court to try and get your car back.

How to avoid these hassles

There is a way to avoid these hassles and it is very simple, there are no apps to install. What you do is call your local car dealership and find out what they are willing to offer on your car.

The quote that the dealership is going to offer will be lower than what you expected to get for the car. These dealerships need to buy cars at wholesale prices so they can then resell them for a profit. You need to give the dealership enough of a margin to generate a profit so consider that when reviewing the quote.

The great news is when working with a dealership you can either take the cash offer right then and there or trade the car in towards the purchase of a new car. If you trade the car in, you will be able to get full value for the car because you are buying another one.

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