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How you can Plan to Buy your Next Ford in Brantford

How you can Plan to Buy your Next Ford in Brantford

Buying a vehicle is a big decision, and an important one to budget for.  Here are some tips for how to plan for your next purchase.


First, you need to consider the total cost of buying a car in Brantford, not just the sticker price.  If you already have a car, you’ll have to switch your registration, and don’t forget about gas and insurance costs as well.  A good idea is to compare insurance costs on a few different vehicles before making a final decision.  The make, model, year, and mileage on a car will impact the insurance, as well as your location and driving record.


A down payment is always a good idea when purchasing a car.  The larger your down payment, the lower your monthly payments will be.  However, interest rates on a car loan are often lower than many credit cards, so you may be better off paying your cards down and getting a slightly higher car loan.


Factor monthly payments into your budget.  How much do you already spend on bills and expenses each month?  Make sure you set your budget at a price you can afford each month.  Bi-weekly payments are a good option as well to keep payments more manageable.


A great way to secure a smaller car loan and have lower monthly payments would be to trade in your current vehicle.  Take some time to figure out what your car is worth before finishing your budget.  If you sell us your car at Northway Ford, we can help you apply for financing on a new vehicle all at the same time.


Using a car payment calculator is the perfect way to see what’s out there and in your budget.  You can adjust to the high and low ends of your budget and get a glimpse of the variety of vehicles at your disposal, be it a Ford Escape or an Expedition, we’ve got a car for you.


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