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Myth busted: EVs do last longer than gas-powered cars

Myth busted: EVs do last longer than gas-powered cars

Are you considering purchasing an electric automobile but aren't sure if it will last as long as your current gas-powered vehicle?

In this discussion, we'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric vehicle, and you'll have a newfound respect for automobiles as a result.

What province in Canada are you from?

Where you live in Canada is the most important factor in determining how long your car will last, whether it is gas-powered or electric.

The harsh winters and salt used for de-icing in the Maritimes can cause corrosion and rust on your vehicle.

Because of the corrosion-causing compounds in salt, the metal parts of a car's body deteriorate to the point that the engine can still run, but the body is no longer roadworthy. Once surface rust has formed, your car's body is no longer safe to drive.

Keep your car out of extreme weather as much as possible, regardless of whether you're driving an electric or gasoline-powered vehicle, to help it last longer.

Which model of electric vehicle are you planning to buy?

The most important factor in determining the lifespan of your electric vehicle is the company that built it. It's impossible to estimate how long an electric vehicle will last if it was made by a small, unknown manufacturer from god knows where.

Buying an electric vehicle from Ford is a safe bet because the firm has created previous vehicles that have proven to be reliable, so there's no reason to doubt the same can be said for their range of EVs.

Reasons why an electric vehicle will survive longer than a gasoline-powered vehicle

In a nutshell, electric cars have fewer moving components than their gas-powered counterparts. Keeping the vehicle's maintenance costs low means removing as many moving parts as possible.

A gas-powered car needs regular oil changes, as well as hoses, engine coolant, and a number of other activities to keep the vehicle running. In theory, you could drive a car without changing the oil as recommended, but it will cost you a tidy sum when the engine seizes!

If you take care of your electric car's battery, you may expect to receive ten to fifteen years of service out of it!

Choosing the best Electric Vehicle

There is no absolute right or wrong answer when it comes to purchasing an EV. You need to figure out how many seats you'll need, as well as the length of your travel.

Finding out which electric vehicle best suits your needs can be as simple as answering these questions.

Even though you may be reluctant, you are handing over more of your hard-earned money to the gas station every time you fill-up.

The sooner you buy an electric vehicle, the more money you'll save in the long run on gas and other maintenance costs.

Free yourself completely from being at the mercy of gas prices and make the switch to EVs; you will not look back except to smile.

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