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How To Make Your Car Last Longer: 5 Must-Know Tips

How To Make Your Car Last Longer: 5 Must-Know Tips

Getting another few months or a year out of your current car is an excellent way to give yourself space to save more for a down payment. It’s also extra time to improve your credit score if you need to. But are there cheap or simple ways to make it last longer while you prepare for your car loan?


Our Mount Hope shares 5 different ways to make your car last that little bit longer.


Keep Up With Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure and that’s exactly what maintenance does for you. It keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently and can spot issues before they become catastrophic or too expensive.


Simply changing the oil can get you better gas mileage while also keeping the engine running well and protecting it from wear. While maintenance can cost money, it’s money well spent.


Keep the Car Clean & Waxed

A clean car means dirt and debris don’t have the opportunity to stick permanently to your paintwork or wear down the lacquer. Waxing your car adds an extra layer of protection that can help keep out harmful UV radiation and the weather.


Canada has four very distinct seasons and wax can help with all of them, especially sunshine in the summer and road salt and the worst of winter.


Keep an Eye on Fluids

Even if you have your oil changed regularly, you still need to top it up from time to time. You should also check washer fluid, coolant or antifreeze and brake fluid. All contribute to the health and longevity of your car and should be checked at least once a month.


The more miles you drive, the more often you should check them.

Check Your Tires Regularly

Your tires are the only part of your car that ever touches the road. Therefore, they are key in how it drives, how safe it is and how much gas you use. Keeping your tires in good condition is key to avoiding accidents and driving safely.


Tire checks can also avoid blowouts by allowing you to spot damage early and maintain tire pressure for grip and fuel efficiency.


Repair Dings & Scratches Quickly

If your car gets dinged or scratched and the paintwork is broken, have it addressed quickly. Our climate is harsh at times and exposed metal invites rust, salt, and UV light. None of which will do it any good.


Get the damage repaired quickly and it could be cheap and easy. Leave it to fester and it could become a much bigger job!


Those are five simple ways to get more life out of your car while you prepare for your next car loan. When that time comes, you know who to call.


When you’re ready for a car loan, get in touch with the Mount Hope auto loan experts at Northway Ford for great deals on auto finance.


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