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Should you Lease or Buy your Next Car in Beamsville?

Should you Lease or Buy your Next Car in Beamsville?

Leasing or buying are the two main avenues towards driving a new car. Both have their upsides and downsides and will be more suitable in some situations than others. Our Beamsville auto loans team is going to try to help you make a more informed decision of whether to lease or buy your next car by outlining the pros and cons of each!


Pros of leasing a car


Pros of leasing a car include:


Lower monthly payments – As you’re only paying the rental and depreciation and not the asset, leases cost less per month than a loan. That difference is gradually narrowing but it’s true right now.


Drive a new car every couple of years – If you like driving new cars, leasing can be a cost effective way to do it. Leases typically run for 2-3 years before you switch it out for another new car.


No maintenance worries – Most leases can include repairs and servicing as part of the deal. That means zero worries about servicing, repairs or most running costs.


Cons of leasing a car


Cons of leasing a car include:


You don’t own anything – You’re paying out each month but don’t actually own anything at the end of it. You’re not buying an asset, you’re renting one.


End of lease fees – The majority of leasing companies view the end of lease inspection as a way to make a little more money out of you. Almost everyone ends a lease with a bunch of fees and they can work out expensive.


Mileage limits – Many leases include mileage limitations. If you don’t drive far, these won’t matter but if you drive for work or pleasure, you have to watch your mileage or pay at the end of the lease.


Pros of buying a new car


Pros of buying a new car include:


Ownership – You’re buying an asset and while it’s a depreciating asset, it will still be worth something at the end of the loan. It’s good to have a solid return on your investment!


Future trade in – This car acts as a trade in on your next car. Once paid off, you have a tangible asset you can sell for a down payment or use as a trade in on your next purchase.


No end of lease fees or mileage limits – The car is yours to drive as you like with no limitations on where you can drive or how many miles you can do.


Car loans are easier to qualify for – If you have bad credit or a less than perfect payment history, you will usually find a secured auto loan easier to get than a lease.


Cons of buying a new car


Cons of buying a new car include:


Higher cost per month – Buying a car is more expensive per month than a lease. You’ll need to budget more each month to be able to afford it.


Down payment – While leases demand a few months up front, it is usually much less than you’ll need for a down payment. The higher the purchase price, the higher the down payment you’ll need.


Depreciation – All cars depreciate but it is definitely something you have to factor into a new car purchase. You’ll be upside down for a while but things will even themselves out eventually.


When you’re ready to lease or buy your next car, get in touch with the Beamsville auto loan experts at Northway Ford for great deals on auto finance.


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