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How to Properly Test Drive a Car & Know What to Look For

How to Properly Test Drive a Car & Know What to Look For

The test drive is an important aspect of buying a car and something you should always do. It can be a confusing time as well as exciting while you get used to driving a different car, fiddle with the position, get used to where controls are and visibility so, it’s easy to forget why you’re test driving in the first place.


We asked our auto loans team to offer some simple test driving tips to help you get the most out of your time with the car. All so you can make a more informed decision.


Book the test drive


Many dealerships have the capacity to handle walk ins but there is no guarantee the car will be ready or available when you arrive.


We recommend booking a test drive a few days in advance so we can prepare the car, make sure it’s hygienically cleaned and ready to go. Preparation is still important at the moment and making sure the car is clean and safe is still a priority, but it takes time.


Test drive the exact model and trim


Make sure you test drive the exact make, model and trim level you’re planning to buy. It’s very easy to get seduced by extra features when you won’t have them in the model you buy.


Some dealerships will only offer top of the line models as testers for this very reason. Make sure to specify that you want only the trim level you can afford or want to buy.


Plus, some models will have sports suspension or will handle differently than others, so testing the exact model is vital.


Recreate your average day with the car


Test drive the car on the roads you’ll drive every day. If you commute to work on the highway, make sure to do some highway miles. If you do the school run in the city, make sure to drive some city streets.


Get as close as possible to how you would drive the car daily to get the best idea of whether the car is for you or not.


Don’t forget parking and maneuvering


Find a parking lot and practice parking and maneuvering around other vehicles and into parking spots.


Check visibility, check blind spots, check how well the reverse camera works and give the car a thorough workout in different situations.


Practice fitting child seats or accessories


If you have kids, test how easy it is to secure a child seat or get the kids in back. If you carry bikes, test how easy it is to add a roof rack or bike carrier.


Also check how straightforward it is to put bags into the trunk and all the other things you might do with the car on a regular basis.


Test drive time might be finite and there’s a lot to fit into it but the more you do, the more test driving tips you use, the more confident you can be in your decision.


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