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How to sell your used car like a pro

How to sell your used car like a pro

If you have a used car you want to sell, it helps to have a game plan so you are not caught off guard. There is no denying, the demand for used cars is sky high, which is great news provided you know how and where to list your used car.

Determining the value of your used car

The is no exact formula for figuring out what your used car is worth. With new cars, there is the trusty MSRP but used car prices are at the mercy of the market.

What some people do is look at the pricing from websites like AutoTrader and Kelly Blue Book but those prices are just for insight and not written in stone.

One way to get the best possible value for your used car is to have accurate maintenance records. Buyers are always looking for ways to knock down the asking price of the used car, one way is saying they are not sure if the car was properly maintained. If you have the complete service records available, the prospective buyer is unable to use that excuse to try and lowball you.

Speaking of lowball offers, you will come across them no matter where you advertise your car. There is no sense in trying to explain the value of your car to people who try and lowball you, just move on to the next prospective buyer.

Best place to find qualified buyers

If you want to find qualified buyers, you are not going to find them on social media, this is where the majority of lowballers are found.

You can find serious buyers on major auction websites like eBay and Copart but to list your car on these platforms, you need to put up some serious money.

Instead of dealing with the hassles of listing your car and trying to find buyers, you should take the path of least resistance.

Take your used car to a local car dealership and have them professionally appraise it. This appraisal will let you know what your car is truly worth in the current market. If you accept the cash offer for the car, you will walk out of the dealership with cash in hand.

What you might consider doing is trading your used car in for a new one, since the used car is attracting top dollar you can get yourself a new car at a lower cost thanks to the trade-in.

Even if you are not looking for a new car, you can still get paid cash for your used car. Something to keep in mind is the dealership is going to resell your car so they cannot give you 100% of the current market value, there needs to be some margin for them to make a profit.

If you wanted to sell your used car like a pro, you should take your car to the professionals and avoid the headaches that come with trying to sell a car on your own.

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