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How to sell your car for top dollar in Brantford

How to sell your car for top dollar in Brantford

It’s no surprise that when you’re planning to sell your car in Brantford, you’re also planning to get as much for it as possible.  Otherwise, why would you sell it at all?

We have some great news: it’s not as complicated as you may think to get that car looking very buyable.  Just follow these steps and you’ll be all set to get the best offer!

  1. Get the Details

Get that car cleaned!  Depending on the current state of your vehicle, it doesn’t have to be a professional job.  The goal is to present the car as a blank slate to whoever ends up with it, so clear it of anything personal before you put it on the market.

  1. Paperwork

This is going to include any history of maintenance as well as your ownership.  Any potential buyer will want to see that the car has been well taken care of.  A car may look nice and shiny, but issues could be hidden beneath the surface.  A clean bill of health goes a long way.

If your car doesn’t have a clear record, it’s important to be upfront with anyone who’s looking to purchase.  They should know what kind of shape their new ride is in before they bring it home.

Selling privately also requires a UVIP (Used Vehicle Information Package) to be purchased before you can legally sell your vehicle.  They aren’t expensive, but it is an added step.

  1. Research

If you think you’re ready to go ahead with selling your vehicle, do a bit of research to see how you want to sell, and how much you can get for it.  Selling online in Brantford through Facebook or Kijiji may seem appealing, but remember you’ll be the one fielding the responses to the ads, setting up appointments and meeting with people.  If that works for you, go for it!

If you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can sell your car to a dealership.  You can start online and get an appraisal of your vehicle before even leaving your house!  There is a shortage of used vehicles in the market, so dealers are paying top dollar for cars when they can get them.

  1. Sell!

You’re ready to sell your car!  Remember, if you choose to sell to a dealership, at Northway Ford in Brantford, we’re committed to getting you the best offer on your used vehicle.  Check out our online appraisal tool today and see how we can help!


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