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How to Sell a Car Quickly in Canada With an Even Quicker Guide

How to Sell a Car Quickly in Canada With an Even Quicker Guide

Selling used cars to dealerships is growing in popularity. We pay more than ever before and the process is fast, simple, and safe. We have refined the process so it makes sense for you but also for us. There are a few things you can do to quickly sell your car to a dealership by making the process run a little more smoothly.


Make An Appointment

Most Car Nation Canada dealerships can handle drop-ins but we won’t always have the people around to help right away. If you don’t mind waiting, it’s all good.


Otherwise, we recommend making an appointment for an appraiser. That way, there’s no waiting around.


Prepare The Car

Cleaning the car and having it look its best will help both of us. A clean car looks nicer and is more pleasant to sit in and inspect. We can also see the real condition and make a proper appraisal.


You'll be able to quickly sell your car to a dealership because they will simply appreciate the car more if it's clean!


Bring Your Paperwork With You

You’ll need to bring some paperwork with you to sell your car. You’ll need your driver’s licence or other form of official ID. You’ll also need your vehicle title, service record, vehicle manual(s), registration, all keys and any receipts for work you have had done.


As you can imagine, much of that is mandatory as we’ll need to verify your identity, your ownership of the vehicle and legal right to sell it. Service record, manuals and receipts are options but increase the chances of selling the car.


The Sales Process

When you sell your car to a dealership, we first have to verify your identity and verify you are legally entitled to sell the car. That’s why we need the paperwork.


We’ll then inspect the car to assess its condition and make sure everything works. That will involve a short test drive. The appraisal process should take around 30 minutes or so depending on the type of vehicle you’re selling.


Once valued, we’ll make you an offer. If you accept that offer, we’ll get down to the paperwork.


If the car is all paid for, the paperwork is minimal. If we need to settle the finance on the car, there is a little more involved.


Once the paperwork has been signed, we’ll pay you directly into the bank.


If the car is paid for, you’ll get the full amount in your bank within a few hours depending on the bank.


If we have to settle finance on the car first, that may take a couple of days, depending on the lender in question. We’ll pay the lender what is owed to clear the title. We’ll pay you anything left over into your bank.


That’s all there is to selling your car to a dealership!


It’s fast, simple and hassle-free, which is why it’s so popular!


If you have a spare car you no longer need, you now know what to do!


For any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here!


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