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How to Sell a Car Online: A Quick & Easy Guide For Sucess

How to Sell a Car Online: A Quick & Easy Guide For Sucess

Private car sales can be a tricky business. The vast majority of them go swimmingly but enough of them don’t to make it look and feel risky.


Our intent with this post is not to put you off selling your car. It is to make you aware of potential risks and provide viable means of mitigating them.


You could avoid all risks by selling your car to a dealership but we are going to give you the information you need to safely sell your car online.


Risk – Giving Out Your Phone Number

If you place a private ad, you’re going to need to give out your phone number so people can reach you. Nobody really wants their phone number out there on the internet so what are you to do?


Use a burner phone. Get a disposable phone and SIM from a drug store or wherever and use that for the sale.


You will still be contactable. You can still answer messages and manage the sale, without putting your real number online.


Risk – Letting Strangers Into Your Home

If you’re selling your car, you’re going to need to let people inspect it at some point. That presents another risk. Strangers know where you live and potentially being able to scout out your property.


To safely sell your car online, we usually suggest meeting buyers somewhere public. Some buyers will want to meet at your place to ensure you’re legit. Not all will. For those willing to meet somewhere public, pick a suitable place.


For those who want to visit your home, keep them on the driveway and minimize what they can see aside from the car.


Risk – The Test Drive


A test drive is an essential part of driving and something no buyer will do without. So how do you allow test drives while remaining safe?


You have a couple of options. Have someone come on the test drive with you or have them follow you.


Many buyers will appreciate the risks so won’t mind you being accompanied by a buddy or family member. They may also want to bring someone.


If you drive a two seater, have someone follow you. It’s a simple way to minimize risk while giving the buyer the freedom they need to decide whether to buy your car or not.


Risk – Managing Payment


Payment anxiety is another challenge for private car sales. You can’t take personal cheques, you don’t want to take escrow, and wire transfers are out, so what do you do?


You can use cash, a banker’s or cashier’s cheque, or bank transfer.


If you accept cash or those types of cheques, make sure you’re in the bank with the buyer when the cash is withdrawn or the cheque is cut. The buyer can come with you to deposit the cash or cheque and only then hand over the keys.


Of course, you could avoid all these risks if you sell your car to a dealership. It’s safe, and secure and you get paid directly into your bank!


We think it’s the only way to sell cars!


For any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here!


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