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How To Sell a Car Safely in Canada & Secure Your Payment

How To Sell a Car Safely in Canada & Secure Your Payment

The used car market in Ontario is experiencing an insatiable demand for used cars. It would be a good idea to capitalize on this opportunity, but you'll want to learn some tips on how to sell a car safely in Ontario to minimize risk.


Never Deal With Buyers You Cannot Meet in Person

This cannot be stressed enough, especially with everyone becoming accustomed to shopping online. You may come across prospective buyers who want to make an offer for your car remotely, without actually meeting you in person.


While the offer may seem tempting, you could be dealing with a scammer so insist on meeting in person, no exceptions. Even if you can meet the prospective buyer in person, it does not mean that you are in the clear.


The Government of Ontario has a used car sales kit that every private seller and buyer must adhere to. If the buyer says they are in a “hurry” and don’t want to bother with needless paperwork, that is a major red flag.


Never accept payments in Bitcoin, personal checks, or anything that is negotiable, even cash is risky. What you should do is ask the buyer to get a certified check from a local bank, this protects you from scammers.


There are reports of people selling their used car, only to find out the payment method was not valid and their car is gone forever!


The Safest Way to Sell Your Car

There is a quick way to sell a car safely in Ontario, but most people aren’t aware of it. You can bring your used car to a local car dealership. The dealerships need more cars in their inventory, so they will be very interested in buying your car. Like ours!


A benefit of the local dealership is their ability to pay for the car right away. When you are selling to a private buyer, it could take a few days for them to come up with the cash to buy the used car. The local car dealership can cut the check on the spot.


If you need a new car, the same dealership will give you a top-dollar valuation which can be applied towards the purchase of a new car. There are many benefits associated with selling your used car to a dealership and now you know about these secrets you can sell your used car today.


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