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How To Make Extra Money With Your Car: 5 Possible Options

How To Make Extra Money With Your Car: 5 Possible Options

Our cars are a significant expense and can take up a large part of our monthly income. If you’re looking for a little extra, isn’t it right to make money using your car to help pay it off? We think so!


That’s why we asked our auto loans team to list a few actionable ways you can make money using your car to help pay it off faster.


Here are 5 simple ways to use your car to help contribute towards the cost of the car loan.


Drive For a Rideshare App

The most obvious way to make your car pay for itself is to work for a rideshare app. There are more apps out there than just Uber and many will have a presence in Canada.


If you live in a large town or city, see what apps are available in your area and research demand and supply. If you find a niche you could fit into, sign up to the app and use your car to drive other people around.


You won’t get rich as a rideshare driver but you do get to meet some interesting people!


Wedding Transport

If you drive a premium SUV or sedan, you could offer it as a wedding car or for funerals or other functions. You’ll need to keep the car in pristine condition, always clean and always be presentable yourself but it’s a good way to make a little money.


Get some business cards printed, get a second phone for this side business and you’re good to go. Contact events companies, wedding planners, and wedding venues and make sure everyone knows you’re available.



Similarly to wedding transport, premium vehicle owners can also apply to be chauffeurs. It could involve picking people up from the airport, taking them to the office, and acting more like a town car but it can also involve longer journeys.


You will likely have to contract with a firm, have a background check, and jump through some administrative hoops but it could be lucrative.


Drive For a Food Delivery App

If you don’t like the idea of driving people around, how about driving their food? Food delivery has exploded, even before the pandemic. If your area has a lot of food delivery apps and customers, there will always be a need for drivers.


It will typically require unsocial hours, evenings, and weekends, but it’s another way of earning money in your spare time.


Home Delivery

If not people or food, how about packages? There are usually vacancies for delivery drivers in most towns and cities. Whether that’s for Amazon or other courier company that uses owner drivers.


Small package drivers can use family sedans or crossovers while larger packages will require an SUV, van or truck.


Many will offer gig work and provide a little extra income in your spare time. They are target oriented though so make sure you’re up to the challenge!


Those are just five ways to use your car to help pay for itself. We’re sure you can think of others!


When you’re ready for a car lease or loan, get in touch with the auto loan experts at Northway Ford for great deals on auto finance.


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