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How to Easily Sell a Car: The Ultimate Guide

How to Easily Sell a Car: The Ultimate Guide

We have put together some easy-to-follow tips that will make your used car selling experience a smooth one. The used car market has never been active like this.


Carmakers are not able to produce enough cars to meet demand and won’t be able to ramp up production until the microchip shortage has been resolved.


Car buyers who cannot wait for new cars to hit the market are trying to buy used cars, but there is a limited number of used vehicles that can be purchased. This scarcity is driving up prices, so if you have a used car to sell, you could get some decent money. So in that case, we'll show you how to easily sell a car.


Following the Rules

The Ontario Government requires all private used car buyers and sellers to use their official kit.


used vehicle information package brantford


After you have downloaded the sales kit from the Government, you also need to get the lien release from the original lien holder on the car. When you bought the car, there was a lien placed on it by the lender.


The lender would have sent you a letter confirming the debt was repaid, and the lien had been removed. No prospective buyer will make an offer if there is an active lien on your car.


Since you are compiling a bunch of documents, get the service record for your used car. Prospective buyers want to see whether the car is properly maintained; these documents prove the car was serviced at proper intervals.


Writing a Compelling Used Car Advertisement

This step will take an effort on your end, but this is what motivates prospective buyers to make an offer, so take it seriously.


The description needs to focus on what matters most, the mileage, and whether the car was involved in an accident. The prospective buyers will take the VIN and run it on websites like Carfax to find out if the car was involved in an accident.


The asking price of your car is important, even though the market is hot and used vehicles are going for a premium. If your asking price is high, it will turn off prospective buyers, and on the other side of the coin, if the price is low, then buyers will think the offer is “too good to be true.”


Always keep your pricing in the middle, and you will get some competitive offers from multiple buyers.


If you really want to easily sell a car in a short amount of time, then you should follow this tip.


Bring your car to a few dealerships and find out what they would pay for your used car. Try to get a couple of offers and pick the one that you find the most competitive.


The dealerships cannot pay you the full value of your used car, they are in the business of buying and selling cars, and if there isn’t enough margin, the dealer could lose money.


Now that you know how to safely sell a used car, you have to choose whether you want to try selling it yourself or sell it for some quick cash by going to a dealership.


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