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Get the most money when you sell your car

Get the most money when you sell your car

The used car market is flaming hot right now but buyers still want value. There are some simple things you can do when selling your car to extract the best price without ripping anyone off.

That’s what today’s blog post is all about. If you’re not selling your car to a dealership, you’ll want to extract maximum value for your car to make the hassle of private selling worthwhile.

These tips should help.

Prepare the car and take lots of pictures

Clean cars sell best so give yours a thorough clean inside and out. Then, take dozens of pictures while the car is looking shiny and new. Don’t worry about taking too many, they are digital and you can easily delete the ones you don’t want.

Select the best out of all your pics for the ad. Include a view from each angle, some interior shots, an open trunk and open engine bay.

These will demonstrate that you have nothing to hide, which should help increase engagement.

Fix minor defects

People expect a few scratches and worn areas on used cars but the closer to showroom condition your car is, the more you can ask for it and the more likely it is to sell.

Fixing minor defects help with that. Blown bulbs, worn tires, squeaky brakes, a rattle when the engine starts, loose muffler and all those kinds of things are minor repairs you can make at home.

Anything you can see, hear or fell when inspecting the car that might put people off, fix it.

It doesn’t have to cost much except a little effort.

Remove all traces of your ownership

We are all aware that a used car has been owned and driven by someone before us. Yet, on another level, we don’t like to think someone else has spent a lot of time in our car.

Therefore, we recommend removing all traces of your ownership as much as possible. Remove all your stuff from the car, remove bumper stickers, toll tickets, novelty shifter knob, air fresheners and every sign of your ownership.

The closer to showroom condition you can make your car, the more likely you are to sell it.

Time it right

The car industry used to be quite seasonal and there would be specific times of year when sales were higher than others. That isn’t the case so much anymore but there are peak times for certain vehicles.

SUVs tend to sell well in spring ready for road trip season or fall. Fall is especially good for AWD vehicles. Sports cars and convertibles sell best in spring and early summer.

Companies looking to buy cars won’t do it around tax time so tend to buy closer to the end of the year.

Describe the car accurately

We all know the potential for scams. The more you can to do reassure buyers that you’re being open and honest, the more popular your car will be.

We mentioned taking lots of pictures to show you have nothing to hide. Do the same with the ad. Be honest about the car’s condition. Be open about the mileage, service history and any issue the buyer is likely to see when they inspect the car.

It will save everyone a lot of time and hassle!

Of course, you could avoid all that by selling your car for cash at one of our dealerships!

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