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How to Get your Car Sold for a Great Price

How to Get your Car Sold for a Great Price

Selling a car is simple but if you want to get top dollar and not encounter hassles, then you are in the right spot. We are going to show you a simple-to-follow approach that should easilly help you get your car sold for a great price.


Having a realistic price for your car


Your car has sentimental value and you may have heard of people selling a similar car for a considerable amount of money either online or via some auction website.


Those sellers could have made a good amount of money selling their car, there is no guarantee you will get the highest possible price.


How are you going to determine the current fair market value of your car? You can use resources like Kelly Blue Book which is pretty popular but the prices that are listed are not set in stone. You should use the prices listed as a baseline to at least be in the ballpark.


Are you the original owner of the car?


One of the questions that prospective buyers will ask is whether you are the original owner of the car. There is a conception that if you are the original owner, you will know everything about the car and can provide full disclosure.


If you are not the first owner, then it can be difficult to know whether the car was well maintained or involved in an accident. While services like CarFax can give some insight, it does not have 100% participation from all dealerships and shops throughout Canada.


Are there any liens against the vehicle?


Has the vehicle been paid in full or is there a balance owed to the auto loan provided who helped finance the purchase? You can get do a title search from within the province based on the VIN and if there is a lien, it will come up on the search.


If you have repaid the loan in full, there should be a letter from the lender attesting to this status that you can provide a prospective buyer.


Finding a suitable buyer


You would think that with the Internet, you would be able to get your car sold in no time with so many interested people. Nothing could be further from the truth, while there are people who are interested in your car, most of them will not or cannot pay the asking price.


This is a common problem, especially when trying to sell on social media. The majority of “car buyers” on social media are just looking for a low ball deal if they are even serious at all. What most of them will do is send you a barrage of messages asking for information and then not do anything.


If you want to get your car sold and avoid all of the hassles that are associated with selling over social media etc… then just contact your local dealership, they have the cash on hand to buy the car and can make a firm offer right away.  You may not get top-dollar but you will get a fair offer and have cash in hand the same day.


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