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Electric Vehicles: No Longer a Distant Future

Electric Vehicles: No Longer a Distant Future

What seemed like a trend until recently, Electric Vehicles are truly the way of the future.  Environmentalists are pushing for a phase out of gas vehicles by 2030, although many auto makers see that as slightly too ambitious.

Here in Canada, the government announced a plan to phase out combustion-engine cars by 2035.  In theory, a vehicle could be on the road for close to 15 years.  This target is to ensure that there are no more ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles on the roads by 2050.

Auto-makers are working to make that possible as well.  GM and Volkswagen have both made targets for the same timeframe, making it politically easier to move forward with these types of policies.  It’s important to see industry and politics working together for a common goal, and a goal that will hopefully lead to the betterment of the environment.

Many popular vehicles are now being offered in fully electric or hybrid form, so you don’t have to compromise on the car or truck of your dreams to be more environmentally friendly.  The Ford F-150 is a perfect example of an incredibly popular vehicle getting the electric treatment, and we are in full support of it.

Another deal-sweetener is that the Canadian government is currently offering $2,500 - $5,000 in incentives for people who purchase EVs (plus you get to drive in HOV lanes on the highway).  Not to mention the cash you’ll save by not having to fill up the gas tank.

Essentially, EVs are here to stay, so why not get into one now and be part of the solution!

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