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3 Considerations when you Finance a Car Loan in Glen Abbey

3 Considerations when you Finance a Car Loan in Glen Abbey

It is quite common for car buyers to take time deciding on the type of car to purchase. It’s all part of the process but risks not dwelling much on how to finance it. This makes it very easy to fall into the trap of signing a loan hurriedly without first going through the details!


There are a series of factors to be considered when deciding to finance a car loan in Glen Abbey.


Reading the small print can help you avoid paying more than necessary and to ensure you don’t sign an agreement you could later regret.


Maximizing the benefit when you finance a car loan in Glen Abbey should be a priority.


As we all know, cars are expensive purchases that also come with other costs like taxes, insurance, loan interest, and so on.


Here are a few of these factors you should consider before getting a car finance.


Credit score


Before you start any loan application, you need to check your credit score and review your credit history. This happens to be the lifeline of every loan.


Your credit score will be considered by lenders or banks and will be used to calculate your loan repayment ability.


A low credit score could mean a higher interest rate while a bad credit score could get your loan request rejected.


There is always a way to get what you want though!


Interest rates


Interest rates can vary massively, which makes checking them the number one thing on the list to do before a car loan application.


Take the time to compare the interest rates of various financial institutions, banks, and other lenders.


Even a small difference of a few points in the interest can go a long way in reducing the total amount you have to pay back!


Car dealer or bank


As you are deciding on other factors, this is one you want to carefully consider. There are 3 main options to consider regarding the type of money lender you want to go with.


They are a credit union, bank or private lender (car loan companies, and the dealership.


For car dealership offers, you don't need to go to various banks to ask about their car loan rate as they have an in-house financing.


Banks can offer you more options that don't require you to do much legwork to get a suitable loan as they have various car loan comparison sites.


They do have stricter lending criteria though.


The disadvantage of bank loans is that not all banks provide packages for all types of cars.


The one major similarity between banks and credit unions is that they both tend to give similar interest rates. Given the fact that credit unions are nonprofit, they tend have the lowest interest rates, but nothing is guaranteed.


There is another option. A dedicated auto loan company. They hold the middle ground between banks and credit unions and dealerships.


They tend to accept a much wider range of applications and are more tolerant of lower credit scores and non-standard employment, like self employment or gig working.


We would recommend checking all your options to get the best picture of what’s available.


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