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Common Avoidable Mistakes When Selling your Car

Common Avoidable Mistakes When Selling your Car

The perfect transaction is when both sides of the deal walk away happy. The buyer is happy with the car they got and the price they paid and the seller is happy they sold the car and with the price they got for it. But it's always possible to make mistakes when selling your car, especially if you haven't done it before.


We want everyone to experience that perfect transaction, which is why our offer to buy any used car is so popular.


Try not to makes these common mistakes when selling your car. We see these all the time and cringe inside whenever we hear about them.


Selling a dirty car


A little effort goes a long way. We often recommend cleaning your car inside and out before bringing it in for appraisal, for good reason. Clean cars sell better.


A dirty car looks neglected. If you haven’t spent time or effort on keeping the car clean, what else has been ignored? Was maintenance or basic car care also too much effort?


A dirty car is not only unpleasant to inspect, it also raises questions no seller wants raised.


Not setting a true value


Another mistake when selling a car is not knowing how much it is worth. One, you could sell it for much less than you could have. Two, you could have priced it higher than you should. Three, you have no idea whether an offer is fair or not.


All three things get in the way of selling a car and will make the entire experience more difficult than it should be.


Spending an hour online checking your make and model for value is easy enough and provides the information you need to price it properly.


Not having all the paperwork


We see this quite a lot. Incomplete service paperwork, missing receipts or no service history at all. If you have paperwork and you have your car serviced, keep it all safe.


While most vehicle service history is now digitized and a dealership can access it in seconds, a private buyer won’t be able to do that.


Plus, having a stack of receipts for maintenance or work carried out on the car creates a great impression of a car that’s been looked after. That’s definitely going to help you sell it!


Not being open to a deal


Not being open to a deal is another very common mistake people make when trying to sell their car. They will have a figure in mind and will be completely unwilling to do a deal.


This is made worse if the seller hasn’t researched the car’s value properly and has it completely wrong. This ends up with nobody walking away happy.


While everyone deserves a fair price for their car, compromise and doing a deal is all part of the process!


We always play and pay fair. Sell your car to our dealership and everyone walks away happy!


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