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Choosing the best way to sell your car in Hagersville

Choosing the best way to sell your car in Hagersville


Deciding to sell your car is the first decision in a line of decisions you’ll have to make before you’re through.  There’s how, when, where and to whom will you sell your car?  They don’t have to be hard questions to answer, but these decisions do need to be made.

The most important of these decisions is probably the How: will you sell your car privately or to a dealership?  Both options are valid, it really all depends on what you want from the experience.

If you want to be very hands on, create your own ad, and go through the applicants yourself so you know exactly who will end up with your beloved vehicle, then selling private is the way to go.  There are any number of avenues to sell your car online now, all you need is the time and energy to make it happen!

What about When?  Is there a “best time” to sell your car?  Technically, no, but now is a fantastic time to sell to a dealership.  The car market is still recovering from the shortages of the last couple of years, so it’s very much a seller’s market.  Really though, whenever you’re ready is the best time to sell your car.

Where should you sell it?  Well, if you’re selling privately, you’ll be selling from your own home, which of course has pros and cons.  A pro is obviously that you don’t have to leave your house.  A con may be that you need to give your address out to strangers who want to come and take a look at the car.

Selling to a dealership starts at home too when you decide to sell to Northway Ford.  Fill out the form to get a no obligation appraisal of your car and get started on the process from your couch!

So there’s the Who of it, either you sell to a stranger on your driveway, or you can sell to a trusted dealer like Northway Ford.  If you choose to sell to a dealer, you can rest easy knowing that the Car Nation family of dealerships prides themselves in offering some of the highest appraisals in the region.  Get started today and sell your car the easy way.


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