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The Only Car Selling Guide You'll Ever Need

The Only Car Selling Guide You'll Ever Need

If you are interested in selling your used car, these suggestions will make the overall experience a more pleasant and hopefully profitable one.


The Canadian used car marketplace has experienced a significant spike in the sheer demand for used cars; the demand for used cars is primarily from international buyers that are looking for used cars they can ship to developing nations in Africa.


This demand is great for used car sellers like yourself who want to capitalize on the opportunity, but this demand could disappear overnight, especially with the conflict in Europe wreaking havoc on the global economy.


So you cannot side on the sidelines waiting for the “right time” to sell your used car; the time is now to take action.


Prepare Your Paperwork

This preliminary step is the most important; without the proper documentation in place, the odds of you getting a firm offer from a qualified buyer are slim to none. Prospective buyers will want to confirm that there are no active liens against the vehicle. To address that concern, prospective buyers will want to see the lien release you received from the lender that gave you the car loan.


You would have received the lien release from the lender after you made your last payment; if you cannot find the document, contact the lender and request a replacement.


Another important document you should have prepared for prospective buyers is the service record for the used car.


This record would consolidate all of the professional work performed on the used car, from oil changes, tire rotations, and everything in-between.


If you do not have the service record for the used car, prospective buyers will not be willing to pay the full asking price.


Best Places to List Your Car for Sale

You may be tempted to post your used car for sale on social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace.


These marketplaces are great when trying to sell certain items, but it is not recommended when trying to sell your used car.


The buyers who go to these marketplaces are not actively looking to buy a used car, so the offers you get will be lowball.


Use platforms like AutoTrader, which attracts a substantial number of serious used car buyers on a monthly basis.


By using a more targeted approach, you should be able to get a larger number of qualified offers from prospective buyers.


An Easier Way to Sell Your Car Fast

If you are looking for a simpler way to sell your used car for cash, you should reach out to your local car dealership.


The dealership will make a firm offer on your used car once they have an opportunity to conduct an appraisal.


You are not obliged to accept the offer made by the dealership, but you should give it serious consideration. This is an all-cash offer; you get paid right away and do not have to deal with any of the hassles that come with trying to sell your own used car.


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