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Car Loan With a New Job in Hagersville

Car Loan With a New Job in Hagersville

Just started a new job? Need a car to get to work? Looking for affordable auto loans in Hagersville? We can help!


Picture the scene, you have been working in your old job for years and always got the bus or metro to work. You get a new job outside the city with no transport links. You don’t have a car and you need to be able to get to work.


What can you do?


You can apply for an auto loan.


Hagersville auto loans and new employees


If you know where to look there are some very flexible auto loan options in Hagersville and further afield.


Auto loans for established employees


Traditional auto loans would usually require at least a year in post before considering you for an auto loan. Newer, more flexible lenders aren’t quite so restrictive on how they approach auto loans.


If you have been working in your role for a year or more, you have the widest set of options for a Hagersville auto loan. Most mainstream lenders will work with you as well as specialist lenders.


Auto loans for employees with 3 months in post


If you have been in post for between 3 months and a year, you can also access a wide range of auto loans. Some mainstream lenders won’t want to know but many of our specialist lenders are only too happy to lend.


You will need to prove you’re in a full time, permanent position and can afford the loan but as long as you have the paperwork and the credit score, you should qualify for a loan.


Auto loans for employees with less than 3 months in post


We work with some lenders willing to lend to people with as little as 24 hours in post. These are niche loans but are definitely possible.


They are ideal for the scenario we outlined above. You start a new job, can no longer use public transport and need funds in a hurry to get to work.


You will need the offer letter from the employer stating the offer, that it’s a permanent position and showing the salary. If you have other income, using that to support your application will definitely help.


Hagersville auto loans


In all situations, being prepared for the auto loan application can seriously benefit your position. That means getting your paperwork in order, preparing 3 months of bank statements, your offer letter if you’re a new employee, having a down payment or trade in, having the paperwork for any other income and being able to demonstrate you can easily afford the loan.


Once you have all that, we can help you get preapproved for the loan and prepare your application for real. We can walk you through the entire process, liaise with lenders and work with you to find a car too!


When you’re ready for a car loan, get in touch with the Hagersville car loan experts at Northway Ford for great deals on auto finance.


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