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Can I sell my car privately in Caledonia?

Can I sell my car privately in Caledonia?

You live in Caledonia and you’re looking to sell your car, but where do you start?


Selling privately seems like a quick and easy option, but, a lot of work and risk goes along with a private sale.  Here are some things to consider before you decide to sell your car on your own.


  • Time spent taking photos of your vehicle as well as writing and posting ads. Not to mention monitoring and responding to inquiries.
  • If you still owe on your car, it may not be worth it to sell privately. You’d have to either pay off the loan before you sell or use the profits from the sale to do so.  A potential buyer may lose interest when they find out the car has a lien on it.
  • You would need to give your address out to strangers and have them test drive your vehicle.
  • Often people browsing cars online will be timewasters and not interested in purchasing, just window shopping.


Perhaps an easier way is to sell to a dealership near you.  With a shortage of used vehicles on the market, dealerships are paying higher prices than ever for used vehicles.


When you deal with Northway Ford, we take all the stress off of your hands and, on average, will pay more for your vehicle than the competition.


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