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Buying Ex-Rental Cars in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Buying Ex-Rental Cars in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Ever browsed used cars and come across a seemingly great deal? It might be an ex-rental car. But before you jump in, it's important to understand the pros and cons.


Let's break down everything you need to know about buying a car that used to be a rental.

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Pros of Buying an Ex-Rental Car

  • Potentially Lower Price: Rental companies sell their cars often, so you might find a good deal on a slightly used vehicle. They typically sell through dealerships or their own used car divisions.


  • Regular Maintenance: Rental companies prioritize keeping their fleet in good shape. They usually perform maintenance on schedule, which can mean a car with a clean service history.


  • Warranty: Some rental companies offer warranties on their ex-rental vehicles, giving you some peace of mind after purchase.


  • Variety of Choices: Rental companies stock a wide range of cars, so you might find exactly the make and model you've been looking for at a tempting price.


Cons of Buying an Ex-Rental Car

  • Higher Mileage: Rental cars tend to rack up miles quickly. Be prepared for a car with a higher odometer reading than a typical used car of similar age.


  • Potential for Wear and Tear: With many drivers, there's a chance of some interior wear and tear. Dings, scratches, or worn upholstery are more likely.


  • Unknown Driving Habits: You can't be sure how each driver treated the car. While some may have driven responsibly, others might have been rough on it.


  • Lower Resale Value: Ex-rentals sometimes have a stigma attached, which can affect resale value down the line if you decide to sell.


Making an Informed Decision

So, should you buy an ex-rental car in Canada? Here's how to approach it:


  • Do Your Research: Look for the car's history report. This will reveal accidents, major repairs, and confirm it was a rental car.


  • Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection: Don't skip this crucial step! Take the car to an independent, certified mechanic for a thorough inspection. They can identify any potential problems and give you a better idea of the car's overall condition.


  • Negotiate the Price: Considering the mileage and potential wear and tear, negotiate the price down from the asking price.


  • Factor in the Warranty: If the car comes with a warranty, understand exactly what it covers and for how long.


Consider the Mileage: How many miles do you typically drive a year? If you drive a lot, a high-mileage ex-rental might not be the best choice.


Where to Buy an Ex-Rental Car in Canada

There are a few ways to find ex-rental cars:


Rental Car Company Websites: Many major rental companies sell their used fleets directly to consumers through their websites.


Used Car Dealerships: Some dealerships (like us!) buy ex-rentals in bulk from rental companies. Ask the salesperson if the car you're interested in has a rental history.


Online Classifieds: Keep an eye out for listings that mention the car being a former rental.


The Final Call

Buying an ex-rental car can be a smart option if you do your research, prioritize a pre-purchase inspection, and negotiate the price. You can find a well-maintained car at a good price. However, if you're uncomfortable with the potential downsides, especially the higher mileage and unknown driving history, a different used car might be a better fit.


By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether an ex-rental car is the right choice for you.


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