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Buying a Car Online: Pros and Cons to Help You Decide

Buying a Car Online: Pros and Cons to Help You Decide

For most of us, buying everything online is the new normal.  Is it wise to make our biggest purchases online as well?  What are some pros and cons of buying a car online?  Let’s break it down.


Pros of Buying a Car Online

You don't need to leave your house: Convenience is a major pro in our minds.  If we can order our groceries and newest outfits from our couch, why not our next ride? Heading out into the world and going from lot to lot just doesn’t feel as exciting as it may have in the past.  We love being able to browse to our heart’s content while we stay comfy at home.


No negotiating: Not everyone sees themselves as a master negotiator, so knowing what you’re paying upfront is a relief to a lot of shoppers. Online retailers may have less overhead than brick-and-mortar stores, so you could be getting a better deal without the stress of haggling.


Wider vehicle selection: An online retailer can offer a bigger selection of vehicles than a brick-and-mortar because they don’t need to be tied down to a single lot and showroom.  One website may have several lots or access to several dealers’ inventory.  This makes searching for your next perfect car even easier.


14-day return policies: Since you're getting the car delivered to your door and therefore aren't able to test drive it before making your purchase, many online car dealers (like us!) have a free return policy before a certain amount of days or kilometers, getting rid of any type of buyer's remorse that could arise from the decision.


Cons of Buying a Car Online

You don’t get to see the car in person: It’s true: not being able to lay eyes on your new car IRL isn’t ideal.  However, many sites offer 360 photography and walkaround videos of the cars for sale. Photos are never the same as seeing the real deal up close though, so look for an online retailer that has a return or test-ownership policy.


No negotiating: Yes, we’re including this on both sides of the argument.  Those people who are great at working a deal may feel like they could get a better price from a salesperson directly. When you buy online, you’re unable to strike deals to include extras in the purchase price.  Depending on your bargaining skillset, online may not be the venue for you to buy your next car.


No test drives:  Say you found a car with every single feature on your wish list, Lucky you!  Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll feel as good as you want when you drive it.


A test drive is a hallmark of the car-buying experience.  As mentioned above, some sites offer test-own periods and return policies.  This ensures you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase and gives you that opportunity to really feel the car out.


Wherever and however you choose to buy your next car, be sure to buy from a site or dealer you trust.  Use this list of the pros & cons of buying a car online to guide your online car-buying experience.

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